Thursday, January 10, 2013

The many sleepless nights that most experience during their only child's teen years begins while my only child is attending college. Parents I don't ever think stop worrying about their children. And like all parents I have a great track record on the worry train. Oftentimes we a assume that our children will always at least call to let us know they are running late in the early morning hours. It's an adult experience I understand to not feel responsible for calling those who have raised us to put our minds at ease. I am certain that I did the same at this age. In fact I am sure of it. While I am awake at a time that usually is a deep peaceful sleep time. I find myself wondering why when I ask his father if he is home yet that there just doesn't seem to be the same level of worry as myself. I mean he is still snoring! Often caught between wanting to text or call and the fear that if  I do it he could be in the middle of driving. Now rambling takes over which happens with sleep deprivation. Even when left a friends house would call to let them know made it home safely. It was a common courtesy to look out for one another. Still to this day I am lectured about not calling to let my stepmother know am safely home!

  Which leads to another issue completely!  Trust! That is a loaded word! We all have to trust that things are safe and in some higher order in life often! Have learned not to pray for anything I don't want to learn the hard way! So prayers usually consist of me asking for things like courage and trust along with requesting that it be handed to me on a silver platter! Sounds reasonable to me at least! I mean why would anyone want to rough it? Guess have been spoiled that way! Having things flow easily most of the time. Although there have been many moments that were just tough! Guess these are the moments when we learn to become stronger which has never been an easy process for me!

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