Saturday, January 5, 2013

Streams of life

While pondering the creation of my own blog, the major themes that arose were all related to the same natural shifts ones  life takes. Familiar uncertainties arose during planning and the decision making creative process beginning with a theme, what type of blog tools to use, what is okay to write about, how much to share, who I can write about, how much of my inner most thoughts, fears, and feelings is acceptable to use according to the guidelines of family and friends.. Until finally after looking at the list and sublists the realization that no solid answers exist for a blog much like no solid answers exist in an individual's life  journey. It is my journey and no one else's. My blog  for the freedom of expression. To be me not the wife, not the mother, not the daughter, not the sister, not the aunt, not the social worker and not the friend. This is about me good or bad all intertwined into one spirit. The strongest spirit and individual I can be as a result of the many challenges have overcome with courage, wisdom, and strength.

     You see not many have lived with the knowledge that at any moment they could awake with the inability to walk or see. The person who constantly lives with fatigue, pain, and the inability to walk with the needed balance into a store or work. Oftentimes with the facade of health and happiness. Maybe this is why there is an image of arrogance knowing in many ways I am stronger in spirit than many I've known.  There is beauty and freedom in life that often is left unappreciated misunderstood and unknown by many of the unchallenged.  With the deepest gratitude I have learned that in problems there is a jewel! Something one of my many spiritual teachers taught me so many years ago. Okay so now I have begun my journey toward the creation of my blog! I am certain I will want to proofread it and change my word choices in the same way have always done as a writer in the past. So today my writing begins with gratitude for the many blessings I have encountered. 

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