Thursday, January 10, 2013

My favorite blog critic

My favorite blog critic! Isn't it interesting that our biggest critics can often be first ourselves then our family? Mine is the same as any other person. And I have already changed and written in a guarded manner as a result! But my favorite critic is this young man with the same brown eyes as myself! The young man who kept me up from 7:00 pm until 7:00 am for a couple of months! The same young man that has caused many sleepless nights even before his birth into today! Before his birth because it was uncomfortable to sleep. Immediately after because he began crying all night! The timing was exact like the hands of a clock. His father and myself became very well acquainted with newscasters named Aaron and Lisa!  We were there for their rise to fame from a local night news channel to CNN.  The many thing parents will try to get a baby to stop crying.  Everyone offers answers!  There  is the swing, driving around the neighborhood, playing music, repetitive feedings, and who hasn't heard that putting a baby on top of a dryer will help them to sleep.  The family joke was that my beautiful son liked to party all night when he was an infant! His father and I walked around the first two months in a daze from sleep deprivation. Then after two months it was like magic or something! All of a sudden we had a happy baby boy who smiled and was calm and slept through the nights,

     People tell you to enjoy the days when they are young because they grow up so fast then you are left wondering where the time went. And I thoroughly enjoyed that time in my life. And think about the little things like what it was like to have a child light up when you enter the room, having their small hands on your face to wake you, experiencing another childhood when you were able to play, make things, sing and dance around the house. Those changes that start small like going from being told you the order you were suppose to hug and kiss them when they first start school. To a more mature child who doesn't want anyone to see you hug and kiss them. Having to dress older because it is not okay for their mother to wear shorts anymore. A life almost comparable to living in the Middle East wearing a burka!  Being asked to walk down a different hall at school so no one recognizes  you are their parent. Knowing everything to knowing nothing! Yes we learned to appreciate those younger days before we fall from grace! And here we are still not sleeping at night because we worry about their safety on a consistent basis. So I guess the real name of this part of my life should be the day I stopped sleeping soundly!  My biggest blog critic as can probably be guessed is my child!

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